10 tips to permanently get rid of pimples

Where do our buttons come from?

Often the bane of adolescence,acne yet manifests itself even atadulthood. Its appearance is due to several factors, such as genetic : If your parents had skin problems, you are more likely to have them too. The buttons and others imperfections can also occur during outbreaks or hormonal disturbances, such as during pregnancy or during menstruation. Smoking, stress, pollution can also promote their coming.

How is a button formed?

A button is the result of a long process. The skin begins by producing a too full of sebum, which leads to clogging of the pores and causes the appearance of a comedo, in which the bacteria will develop. In fact, the impurity ignites and becomes a button. Must therefore limit sebum overproduction and well clean the skin to limit the appearance.

How to camouflage your buttons?

Red, white or black dots buttons ... imperfections are sometimes difficult to camouflage and can become real complexes. One of the solutions for hide and regain self-confidence: the makeup, provided you choose it correctly and apply it properly. Start by orienting yourself towards a non-comedogenic make-up and adapted with oily skin or say "problematic". After a good facial cleansing, you can apply a foundation to hydrate and prepare your epidermis.

Are your pimples red and big enough? Apply a little concealer on it to blend it. Then proceed to the application of a very light foundation to avoid the mask effect. To give someglow, place a little highlighter on your temples: luminous skin !

Discover our 10 tips to get rid of it in our slideshow.

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