100% metal varnishes

This season, the nails are also playing with faceted balls. And you don't have to be in a disco party to wear pretty lamé claws. Precious metal with moiré effects, when fantasy is at the rendezvous, then you can have fun as you wish.

Advice for wearing them well: Dare the long nail, filed in a point, tigress style. If your nails are short, apply the Italian varnish, that is to say without coloring the side edges. This small void will make them appear thinner and longer. Play the metallic French manicure right at the edge.

To have everything good: Choose warm tones (purple, yellow gold or pink gold ...) for dark skin, and cool shades (silver, chrome blue, peacock green ...) for rather light skin. In terms of textures, opt for glitter prints - small or large - or more discreet, like iridescent and pearly materials. Add a layer of top coat for a little extra shine effect.

For a perfect manicure, take a look at our tutorial: put on your polish like a pro.

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