100% opaque varnishes

If they soothe the flashy colors of spring outfits, these dark tones also affirm your personality. They inject a sophisticated fashion touch and rock’n’roll at the same time. But with the dark colors, it is out of the question to sink into excess.

Advice for wearing them well: If you are tempted by a black, it is always with an impeccable manicure, on nails filed in almond or square, never too long. Banish glitter and iridescent effects. If the black seems too daring, adopt a navy blue or jeans, fall for a wine lees or a gray mole…

To have everything good : Pay attention to maintenance. If the dark varnish is suitable for all forms of hands, however, it does not support any grip. So, at the slightest scratch, do not hesitate to remove everything from the solvent and proceed with a new installation. Again, the shiny and shockproof top coat is mandatory to give depth to the color.

To go further, watch our video tutorial: applying varnish on the feet.

Using 100% Opaque Core As A Base When Mixing Ink (May 2020)

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