100% pastel varnishes

Spotted on the spring / summer 2014 fashion shows, the pastel varnish stands out as the strong trend of the moment. From Tipp-Ex® white to milkshake shades, anything goes - almost! - to be top fashion. Super bright on dark skin and delicate on light complexions, these new basics are unanimous.

Advice for wearing them well: Only one reservation, however, the milky complexions will have to avoid the tips of blue, too cold to enhance their hands. Prefer nude or slightly pink shades. Skin tones, in particular, highlight the hands, making the nail shine and lengthening the fingers by optical effect.

To have everything good : Choose opaque and shiny textures that cover the entire surface of the nail. Obviously, it must be impeccable: filed in a medium long square barely rounded at the corners, sharp cuticles well repelled, etc. Finish with a layer of top coat which imbues these brilliant colors.

To find out more, look at our varnished slide: 20 colors that make us addicted.

건프라도색 기라도가 100% 붓도색 & 파스텔 핸드페인팅 (June 2020)

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