3 awesome tips to wake up with beautiful skin

Sleeping well, at least 8 hours a night, would be the ultimate beauty secret ... but that you already knew, didn't you? The skin regenerates, the body relaxes, the complexion smooths out ... only positive! But there are a few additional ways to boost your epidermis and make you even cooler when you wake up.

1 / Sleep on your back

Difficult to do if you are a fan of the dodo on your stomach or on your side, but learning to sleep on your back would allow the skin to avoid getting crumple on the pillow... and create fine lines over time on your pretty face.

2 / Change pillowcases

Say goodbye to a cloudy complexion in the morning by swapping your cotton pillowcases for silk pillowcases. Thanks to the softness of silk, the skin would be less reactive because there would be less friction during the night, better hydrated wrinkles would settle there therefore less, in the long term. In addition, the hair would fork less and fall less. The composition of the pillowcase also seems enhance the benefits of night creams.

3 / Do not skip the night cream

To take care of your skin, always remember to remove it before going to bed. This is the basis. Then, after having cleaned it well, opt for a night cream that suits your skin type, in order to hydrate it well during your sleep. Essential to fight against wrinkles!

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