3 beauty products not to be tested in store

For better choose one new lipstick or test a tint of face powder, it is tempting to use test products in beauty stores. But beware, these can turn out to be dangerous for your health. Indeed, these cosmetic products are handled all day long by dozens of hands, and bacteria proliferate there briskly. Assessment, without knowing it, you put your finger in a nest of germs and take the risk of a surprise infection, just for trying a cream or a mascara.

3 products to avoid at all costs

Keep in mind that the testers offered in stores do not necessarily clean and disinfect well when you are about to use them on your skin. This does not necessarily mean that you should not test anything at all during your trips to Sephora or Marionnaud, but there are still three products that we advise you to skipper.

- Lipsticks: their particularly creamy texture is a real germ trap. In addition, contact with the mouth, very close to the mucous membranes and saliva does not help: risk-taking guaranteed!

- The mascaras: same topo as for lipsticks, the brushes loaded with melting texture are real bacteria nest. Dozens of customers tested it on their eyelashes, very close to the eyes, and were able to bring some bacteria responsible for eye infections ...

- The glosses: liquid and slightly sticky, they absorb a good pack of germs each time they are applied to the mouth. These germs will then stick to your mouth if you try the gloss in your turn ...

Complexion products, illuminators and eye shadows are far from being safe, but remain however much less dangerous than the cosmetics mentioned above. In fact, infections are rarer, but you may develop some unwanted pimples.

The right gesture in store

If you ever want try beauty products safely, follow these tips:

Always wipe with a tissue the surface or tip of the cosmetics you are going to test. If it is ever a mascara, a gloss or another product that is difficult to clean and that you absolutely must test before buying it, do not hesitate to request a brand new sample or tester.

Never use testers directly on your face, but only on the hand or in the palm of the wrist: this is the golden rule to avoid any infection.

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