3 beauty tips to steal from Arielle Dombasle

Raspberry lipstick

This is the star's favorite color! A deep pink that she very often matches with discreet eye makeup and a perfect complexion. Enough to illuminate her skin and highlight her luscious lips. Her favorite lipsticks? "On the lips, I like raw or garnet shades like Diorific Ange Bleu red from Dior, Folie de Grenat 525 from Guerlain, Royal Plum from Estée Lauder or Deep Rubis from Tom Ford. "She told Gala magazine.

Concealer rather than foundation

To keep a fresh and natural complexion, the pretty blonde leaves aside the foundations and prefers to simply use a concealer and an illuminator. What avoid the "cakey face" effect and mark as little wrinkles as possible. “I never put on foundation. Just concealer, Touche-Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent and a touch of compact powder for a light and beautifying result. "

The nourishing hot bath

Addicted to hot baths from an early age, Arielle Dombasle admits to taking 1 or 2 more each day. A beauty tip that would allow her to keep her skin supple and soft and spend a moment of absolute relaxation: "I add a few drops of Argan Flower Oil from Kos Paris or Frédéric Malle Carnal Flower based on tuberose. It divinely scents hot water. "

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