3 effective tips to keep your scent

1- Hydrate yourself!

Did you know ? Olfactory molecules are attracted to fatty substances. Also, if you tend to have dry skin, or even very dry, no doubt you are disappointed with the holding of your perfume. The solution ? Hydrate your skin with body lotion - unscented if possible - before applying the scent.
Even better, use a scented milk of the same fragrance before spraying your eau de toilette, you will optimize its outfit.

2- The lip stick, your secret weapon

Do you find that the smell vanishes too quickly? Adopt the solid version of your perfume. These balm textures, also called concrete, are both oily and very concentrated into olfactory molecules. Just apply them with the stick or with your fingertips, and voila.
Isn't there a solid version of your favorite fragrance? Unsheathe your lip care colorless and apply it on your skin where you want to scent.
The texture fatty formula will fix the scents on the surface of your skin. A secret inspired by the good practices of American women who deposit a (micro) touch of petroleum jelly before perfuming themselves.

3 - Aim for strategic points

For the scent to hold, you have to let it be deposited in the right places. Which ? Where it is easiest for you perceive your heartbeat and the points that give off heat. In the hollow of wrists and elbowsbehind them ears and in the neckbehind knees, and in the navel (Yes Yes ! ).
And apply it right after the shower (when the pores of the skin are still wide open thanks to the heat and humidity), before getting dressed.
Some of us are also used to spray the scent directly into their hair. This gesture must remain exceptional, because if the result is effective on the olfactory level, the alcohol contained in the perfume tends to dry out the hair.
The good habit: scent your hairbrush before styling.
The gesture will be just as effective (and will not damage your lengths).

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