3 essential tips if you wear make-up before going to the beach

Sunlight will not give you a gift: if you wear too much make-up, it will be seen right away. A foundation that makes marks, a mascara that has slightly spun ... If you ever have to dare make-up at the beach, it absolutely must be as natural as possible.

1 / Light and protective formulas

For flawless skin, but above all well protected from the sun, opt for a tinted sunscreen in a tube or in a compact format. It's the ideal compromise for avoid sunburn while illuminating your face and unifying the complexion, without overcharging it. Tweak it all by adding a drop of illuminator to the top of the cheekbones, and you will be radiant.

2 / A waterproof make-up

The secret is to bet on formulas adapted to the beach, therefore resistant to water and heat. For the eyes, a touch of waterproof mascara will be more than enough for a more sustained but natural look. For a slightly more pronounced makeup, simply put on a line of very fine eyeliner (and also waterproof), that's all. Forget the eye shadow and the pencil, it would be a guaranteed misstep.

3 / The final touch

Forget the lipstick and put on a protective balm that will sublimate the mouth while preserving it from powerful UV rays, choose it tinted pink or orange red to enhance the complexion, while natural.

Finally, use a makeup fixing spray to keep everything in place, even in the sun.

Good holidays !

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