3 good reasons to adopt the razor cut

Stars like Selena Gomez or Léa Seydoux are fans! This technical is making a comeback on the red carpet and captivating celebrities. filmy and easy to make, here are 3 good reasons to opt for a razor cut during your next appointment with the hairdresser.

1 / It gives movement

The razor cut is to cut her hair with a blade and not with scissors. The result ? The lengths are degraded or tapered more or less slightly, which generates movement and give a “blur” effect to the hair. Trend!

2 / It adapts to all cuts

We can apply this technique to any haircut to make it more stylish or give him some material. Like Blake Lively, you can adopt the razor cut on long hair or, like Sophie Davant, opt for a short cut with a razor. You have the choice.

3 / It is suitable for fine and thick hair

Degrade creates volume on fine hair, and Thinning to refine the thick manes. This technique is suitable for both types of hair! Be careful not to not abuse of this technique at the risk that your hair will no longer hold.

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