3 good reasons to cut your hair in summer

1 / Being less hot

With the rising sun and temperatures, the heat quickly becomes intense in summer. By cutting your hair, you will have less hot. You can cut them in a short square or in a boyish style to free your neck. The short is very trendy this season, take advantage!

2 / Changing heads

Changing your haircut this summer can help you reinvent. You want to go from one long hair to a short cut? Do not hesitate any more, because the summer season is ideal for change look.

3 / Do them good

After winter and cold, your hair are tired and may also be forked. To give them back health and vigor, the best solution is to cut them to leave on good basics.

By cutting them during the summer, they will come back less damaged when they return from your vacation where they are severely tested by salt, chlorine and Sun. This is why in addition to a good scissor blow, you have to think about protect them well at the beach with sun protection specially designed for hair.

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