3 mistakes we all make when applying mascara

1 / Back and forth in the mascara tube

Adding a little more material by going back and forth with the bottle brush in its tube of mascara is a habit to be avoided immediately! Indeed, nothing like it to dry the mascara twice as fast by bringing air into the tube, and facilitate the growth of bacteria. Better to avoid pumping with the brush, and choose other tips when the mascara is almost finished or dry.

2 / Apply a new layer on a dry mascara

Want to add a little more mascara to already made-up lashes to give you a makeover? And paf, here you are with big packages on the lashes. In short, the rule is simple: we don't add mascara if one has already been installed beforehand. Prefer to make your eyes smoother or add a dash of eyeliner to enhance your look.

3 / Curl your eyelashes AFTER putting on mascara

AIE Aie Aie ! Fatal error. You risk damage or even break your lashes if they are already covered and hardened with mascara. An eyelash curler is always used gently on clean lashes. If this little device scares you, use your fingers to push the lashes up very gently after applying the mascara.

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Mascara Mistakes To Avoid! Do's & Don'ts of Mascara! (May 2020)

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