3 mistakes we all make with our concealer

1 / Choose an unsuitable shade

What is worse than having dark circles in the morning? Choosing the wrong shade of make-up which will enhance them even more instead of camouflage. If you choose a concealer that is too light in relation to your complexion, the result will not be as expected: the skin may become even more intoxicated and the eye will be drawn to this abnormally clear area of ​​your face. So imperatively choose a beige golden shade adapted to the color of your skin and which will neutralize the blue color of the ring.

2 / having a heavy hand

Be careful with dose well when you apply your concealer. If there is too much material, it will creep into all the folds of the skin and will mark small wrinkles under the eye: exactly what you want to avoid. Use small touches under the eye, like the rays of the sun, and slightly stretch the color by tapping with your ring finger or with a sponge provided for this purpose, gently. Do not hesitate to put a touch of concealer in the inner corner of the eye to brighten and enlarge the look.

3 / Have dehydrated skin

Does your skin tend to be dry and tight? Take care to always moisturize this ultra fine and sensitive area that is the eye contour, under penalty of having your little fine lines even more marked by the application of a concealer, and the skin which would risk peeling. .. Apply morning and evening a rich specific treatment by tapping lightly with the fingertips, which will also activate microcirculation and allow dark circles to be slightly less bluish.

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