3 tips to avoid the pillow mark on the cheek

1 / Intensely hydrate

A skin that marks is a little too dry skin. In lack of water, it will tend to wrinkle more easily and take the brands of your pillow. Of course, the most effective solution would be to sleep only on your back. But sometimes habits die hard! To avoid these undesirable traces as much as possible, you must bet on a daily hydration and intense. The beauty routine to adopt? Apply a serum, then a day cream to dehydrated skin and make a mask rehydrating about once a week. Another important step: night care. It will nourish the skin while you sleep, that is to say when the cell renewal is the most intense.

2 / Apply fresh floral water

That's the trick anti-fatigue ultimate. For smooth your features upon waking, nothing like a cotton cloth soaked in floral water previously placed in the fridge. Cold has very interesting decongestant properties. Skins very dry will be pampered by the floral water of pink or orange blossom. Adopt them!

3 / Perform dynamic massages

The mark is already on your cheek and you don't know how to remove it? In addition toflower water, Think of massage your face. You can also do this with a cream, moisturizing jelly or cool water. This will help smooth out the skin and will stimulate blood circulation. Result? She is plumped up!

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