3 tips to naturally lighten your hair without going to the hairdresser

If you dream of a holiday blonde effect, that is to say hair lightened in a few shades, in a pretty shades of shade with your original shade, these tips are for you!
But if you are looking for a precise effect, a color of locks perfectly mastered or an immediate result, it will be better to go to the salon to carry out a sweep in due form.

1 / Honey, nourishing and brightening

We no longer know this ingredient for its soothing and restorative properties, but it also has a bleaching power. The reason ? Honey contains a little hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide).
If the concentration is very low, it is sufficient to act on the shade of the hair which it lightens towards caramel tones.
How to do ? Just apply honey (natural, pay attention to the composition) on lengths and ends, and wait an hour before rinsing. If the application is difficult, you can dissolve the honey in a little mineral water. The effect is not immediate, but on the 3rd application, you will notice a real difference.
For a faster result, you can leave on overnight or expose your honey coated hair to the sun.

2 / Lemon, light and shine

That's the trick cheap and efficient par excellence: make a mixture of ¾ lemon juice and ¼ water, and use it rinsing water on the lengths (be careful not on the scalp to avoid irritation). Let ask 2 hours minimum, of which at least 30 minutes in the sun. The bleaching action is quite fast, and you will see the result in one application. Be careful, lemon tends to make dry hair, it will therefore be necessary to compensate with nourishing care.

3 / Chamomile, sweet and illuminating

If the ranges of hair care intended for blond hair are traditionally with chamomile, it is not by chance. This soothing flower has very soft lightening properties. Just brew a handful of dried chamomile flowers in boiling water, and to use this herbal tea cooled in rinse water. You can also keep it in a spray bottle to make a homemade spray to use around the corner, even when your hair is dry. The most effective for boost efficiency chamomile? Exposing yourself to the sun after applying your decoction.

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