3 tips to reduce drooping eyelids

Sagging eyelids may be due to skin aging or stress. Result? Your mine looks sad and tired. Fortunately, there are tips very simple to give new life to your eyes.

1 / Define your eyebrow line

It's here rule number 1 to enlarge the look and lift the eyelid. The ideal shape ? A rather straight eyebrow, not too arched because it would risk give the illusion let your eyelid fall. When finishing, remember to brush them up with a transparent gel to tame them and further open your eyes.

2 / Adopt the right make-up

Make-up is very important: with a few tips, you can counter the illusion of drooping eyelids. First, avoid make-up iridescent and flecked which will tend to accentuate the problem. Rather bet on bright eyeshadows and matt that will enlarge and enhance the mobile eyelid. To bring more light, consider applying a matte beige eyeshadow close to your eyebrows: this will create even more the illusion that your eyelid is lifted.

3 / bet on the facial gym

If you do a little facial gym every day, this practice allows you to tone muscles of the face and fight the sagging skin. The right moves? Slightly pull the corner of your eyes with your index fingers and contract only the upper eyelids by widening them. So stay a second, release and repeat this movement for one minute.

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