4 bad beauty habits that destroy your eyelashes

1 / Remove makeup too vigorously

If make-up removal is a key step in the beauty routine, it should be gentle so as not to not attack your eyes and drop your eyelashes. The mascara can sometimes be difficult to remove, but it is important not to rub your eyes with a cotton pad! Instead, go for a product biphase and adopt the good gesture. Simply pass the soaked cotton gently up and down over your closed eye. You can also use a cleansing oil and perform the same gestures, but with your fingers. The result is impeccable.

2 / wear an old mascara

Mascara, like all beauty products, has a expiration date. If it stays open too long, it dries up, becomes hard and can therefore damage your eyelashes. In addition, it does not give an optimal result: it tends to pack and stick. It is therefore not pleasant to apply.

3 / rub your eyes often

It seems obvious. But when the tired points the tip of his nose, the reflex is to rub the eyes. In addition to damaging your make-up, this bad habit weakens eyelashes : they will tend to fall.

4 / Zap the treatments

To have beautiful eyelashes, you have to be careful. In addition to adopting a healthy lifestyle and a good diet, it is advisable to do care. The most practical is the serum: it will encourage good eyelash growth and make them stronger and denser. It can be applied at the root like a liner or directly on the eyelashes like a mascara. Convenient !

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