4 bad beauty habits to ban at 40

1 / Go to bed without removing makeup

If, at 20 or 30, you happened to go to bed without removing your makeup, know that from 40 years this bad habit is even more harmful for your skin: accelerated formation of wrinkles, Dull complexion and drier skin the appointment ! The reason ? Cosmetic products are not designed to stay on the epidermis for as long and may trigger overnight irritation, clogging or drying out pores.

2 / Skip the serum

At 40, cell renewal is less effective, the complexion duller and fine lines more and more present. This is why it is essential to adopt a formula serum concentrated in moisturizing, repairing and antioxidant active ingredients. Apply it before your usual cream, in the morning and in the evening.

3 / Do not clean your makeup brushes

If not properly cleaned, makeup brushes and sponges can turn into nests for bacteria. The result : dull skin, pimples or irritation. The good habit to take: clean his brushes in depth once a week (with soap and water) and do some intermediate cleaning with a no-rinse cleaner.

4 / Do not take care of your neck and décolleté

Fine and fragile, the skin of the neck and cleavage also requires special attention if you want to preserve its beauty and tone. You can completely apply your usual facial treatments on your neck and décolleté. If you need a slightly more intense firming action, opt for a specific neck and décolleté treatment.

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