4 beauty secrets that will save your skin

1 / Do not clean your face in the morning

Is your skin dry and sensitive? useless to wash it in the morning. of the too frequent cleaning have the effect of weakening the hydrolipidic film of the skin, the barrier that protects it from external aggressions. The ideal is good wash your face in the evening to remove all impurities accumulated during the day like the pollution where the dust. You can use a gel, balm or Cleansing Foam. When you wake up, your face is not "dirty". To bring freshness and remove any excess sebum secreted overnight, pass a cotton pad soaked in micellar water or rose floral water. Your complexion is luminous and ready to be made up.

2 / Use your eye area ...

… Around your lips. These two areas are very sensitive because the skin is there very fine and can quickly dry out. This is also where the first lines and wrinkles appear. So you can put your eye area around the edge of your stuffy to bring a maximum ofhydration and delay the appearance of signs of age.

3 / Rinse with cold water

To have a radiant skin, it is important to make care and masks about once a week. To maximize their hydrating, purifying, exfoliating effects, you must follow a very simple rule : rinse with fresh water. Why ? It tightens pores and tone the skin.

4 / Apply your products in the right order

Tonics, serums, creams… Treatments accumulate on the face to hydrate the skin and prepare it for the make-up. But in what order to apply them? For a optimal result, it would suffice to use the products to water base before those to oil base. The active ingredients penetrate the skin better if it is wet. That’s why apply a aqueous serum before putting on a rich day cream allows the epidermis to absorb better the latter.

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