4 good reasons to use two different mascaras

1 / To properly fix the make-up

Want to have perfect lashes all day? Bet on the mascara base! It comes in the form of a ordinary ricil and applies as such. However, she is either colorless, is white according to his actions. The thickening bases are generally whitish and the bases allongeantes and nourishing are rather transparent. Just use it before your mascara for a magnified look.

2 / To flesh out and lengthen

All mascaras are not made for the same use. Some lengthen the lashes and others make them lighter. To have doe eyes, nothing like using two ricils: a volumizing and another that gives them length. It is advisable to apply the lengthening product before the one that creates volume: do not wait long between the two applications, the first layer of mascara may dry out.

3 / To add fantasy

Tired of the classic black mascara and Brown ? Dare to color using a flashy product! After putting on your diaper black ricil, apply a little colored material on the tips of your lashes. This will give a original effect but discreet and open your eyes. As for color, everything is allowed: blue, pink, burgundy ... You have the choice.

4 / To enlarge the look

Professional makeup artists have a tip to make your eyes appear bigger. Their secret? A mascara Brown for the bottom lashes. Black on lower eyelashes is often too showy and makes the eyes drooping and hard. This is why brown, or transparent ricil for blondes are more suitable. They make it possible to define each eyelash while in transparency to give a ultra natural look in your eyes. Shall we test?

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