4 tips to keep your fragrance going all day

Learn to scent

Cyprus, floral, sweet or oriental, the scent awaken the senses. Some like them rounded and delicious notes, while others prefer powerful and musky scents. In any case, do not hesitate to request a small sample for the test on your skin to find out if it fits you.

The longevity of the scent of a fragrance is partly due to its nature: perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette and cologne. These last two are less concentrated than the other two: they therefore fade more easily throughout the day. Have you made your choice ? Just apply a drop in the wrist, on the neckline, behind the ears and at the bottom of the neck.

Put perfume on your clothes

Your perfume smells good but does not hold? You can spray on your clothes : prefer by the way natural materials - like linen, silk or wool - because synthetic fibers can change the smell. Some women also put it in their hair. Be careful with not having too heavy a handbecause this type of product containsalcohol, which can weaken the hair fiber. If you feel that your fragrance is not holding enough, you can take a bag spray to touch up during the day.

Bet on derivative products

Today we find many derivative products which have the same scent as our favorite fragrance: shower gel, shampoo, soap, lotion, body oil, milk ... You have the choice! Use a shower gel or a cream of the same range as your perfume will last the smell Longer. If however your perfume does not have affiliated cosmetics, you can search a treatment that takes the same notes. For example, if you have chosen an oriental shade, you can use a patchouli or vanilla body soap. For a fruity fragrance, choose an apricot, raspberry, lychee or apple shower gel. Very appreciated, floral scents go very well with the refinement of jasmine, subtlety of lily of the valley or freshness of violet. If you like them tangy scents, choose a body milk lemon or tangerine.

Follow grandma's tip

here is a grandmother's tip proven to hold a fragrance for several hours : apply a fat body on the skin before spray your perfume, it will capture the smell and make it last. You can choose a balm, cream or lotion. Preferably choose a treatment with a odour approaching your scent!

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