4 youtubers in the new Jean-Louis David campaign

You may not know them and yet, these 4 young women are powerful. Or ? Sure Instagram, the preferred social network for beauty, trends and lifestyle brands.

  • Tinkabebeauty : 297,000 followers on Instagram
  • Freelyfall : 81,900 followers on Instagram
  • Ytclemence : 169,000 subscribers on Instagram
  • Littleroaring : 42,400 followers on Instagram

This squadron of girls (girl squad), natural, playful and with many followers, was selected to carry the campaign of the range of Jean-Louis David shampoos sold in supermarkets since January. "Repair me!, Hydrate me!, Detox me!, Recharge me! " is the signature.
All were also chosen for the beauty of their hair!

From March 20 to 25, 2017, the account @JeanLouisDavidfr publishes mini-videos each day featuring one of the 4 muses on the theme of free hair art.
And on Sunday March 26, these video capsules will also be available on the Instagram account of the 4 influencers.
Watch them quickly, this campaign is to be followed exclusively on Instagram. In addition, it may allow you to participate in the filming of the range's advertising film. So, go to your screens to find out which famous youtuber is hiding behind each photo.
And don't forget, the hashtag #HairFaceChallenge will be your precious ally.

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