5 anti blues beauty tips

After this “ Blue Monday ", Supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, we are off to a good start! We pamper our skin, we apply colorful make-up, and we make a fun bun that clears the face ... in short, we chase away black ideas.

1 / In the shower, as at any time of the day, we massage the scalp with the fingertips, very gently above and below the skull, behind the ears, in order to stimulate blood circulation and awaken our senses.

2 / We do not zap the hydration box. We opt for a balm texture, hyper cocooning, which will envelop our skin, and protect us from possible tightness, due to the cold and the friction of clothing. We reconcile with our body.

3 / On the face, you use your daily care, gently stretching it from the inside to the outside of the face, first with your fingertips, then with the knuckles. On the forehead, it is applied from left to right, one hand chasing the other. Casually, we just had a few seconds of relaxing massage by touch. We end up with suction cup movements to perform with the palm of the palm, in order to plump andoxygenate your skin.

4 / We forget the fall makeup colors. No glazed chestnut or mole, we display an orange, vermilion or fuchsia mouth, with a satin finish, according to its complexion. For those who favor the make-up of the look, we opt for a colored liner line, and we add a little champagne blush to the inner corner of the eye as a light touch.

5 / Finally, we don't hide behind our hair. We play it "liberated, delivered", by raising them in one high ponytail, then wrap its lengths around the tie without tightening. A fuzzy and crazy bun that give fishing.

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