5 beauty tips to stay cool despite the heat

1 / Apply waterproof makeup

Choose light and flowing textures for complexion and water resistant formulas for eye make-up. What avoid small burrs during the day! On the lips, opt for mat or semi mat formulas, much longer lasting than a gloss or a satin lipstick. Finally, do not hesitate to matifying the T-zone on your face (forehead, nose and chin) with a loose powder to limit the appearance of shine during the day.

2 / Spray a refreshing mist

Slide a mist of thermal water orrose water in your purse. Spray it as many times as necessary on your face, neck and décolleté during the day. What to give a boost your make-up, extend your outfit and bring you a very pleasant feeling of freshness! Also consider applying it as a makeup base to avoid the "cakey face" effect.

3 / Have fresh wipes

Often enriched with citrus or plant extracts, they are used on hands or body to refresh and lightly flavor them. Use wipes specially designed for the face if you want to make small make-up touch-ups.

4 / Pshitter a veil of dry shampoo

It is ideal for give some volume to a hair raplapla! Apply a few root sprays, leave on for 2 or 3 minutes to untangle the hair to remove the residue. You can also use it only on your bangs or your lock, to give it a nice curve.

5 / Use an ultra-efficient deodorant

Bet on formulas enriched with minerals and essential oils to keep armpits fresh and crisp throughout the day. Slip a spray deo in your handbag for possible touch-ups.

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