5 essential oils to overcome dandruff

Dandruff can be fat or dry. The former are often due to a sebum overproduction and dry ones appear when the scalp is lacking in hydration. Don't panic, essential oils can help you overcome dandruff.

But before using them, it is important to remember that it is recommended to seek the advice of a pharmacist or dermatologist and to read the label well to be aware of any contraindications. Indeed, some essential oilss cannot be applied directly to the skin or are not suitable for pregnant women. Here are 5 essential oils for cleanse your scalp.

1 / The essential oil of tea tree

This essential oil is widely used to fight against skin imperfections. So, we apply it directly on a button to dry it: it's very effective. It also helps to cleanse and purify the scalp. You just need to apply a few drops in mixture with hazelnut vegetable oil for example and gently massage your skull with it. You can also add two drops to your shampoo dose.

2 / Bourbon geranium essential oil

Antiseptic and soothing, this essential oil can be useful in getting rid of dandruff. Add 2 drops to your cleanser until they disappear.

3 / Peppermint essential oil

In addition to reduce headache, peppermint helps to thoroughly cleanse the scalp. Bonus: it allows people with oily hair to space shampoos a little more. Mix a few drops with a vegetable oil like jojoba or hazelnut and massage your roots with the mixture, or add it in your cleansing care.

4 / Rosemary essential oil in cineole

This essential oil purifying and antibacterial properties : this is why it can be interesting for eliminating dandruff. She goes rebalance the skin of your scalp. To use it, add it to your shampoo.

5 / Cade essential oil

Cade essential oil is ideal for purifying and energize the scalp and it’s used to fight dandruff. As with other essential oils, dilute 2 drops in your dose of shampoo to find roots without dandruff. That's it !

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