5 good-looking make-up ideas for very fair skin

1 / Emma Stone's nude mouth

Nothing like a nude mouth to beautify sheer tints. Slightly dewy, it enhances andbrighten the complexion. How to choose your lipstick? Go for a slightly darker color than your skin, for a tone on tone effect. On the texture side, choose one that suits your mouth. Is it rather fine? Bet on a lipstick cream or a gloss to create an impression of volume. If it is fleshy, you can afford to apply mast.


2 / The pin-up look of Dita Von Teese

Another perfect look for very fair skin : the Dita Von Teese pin-up make-up. His secret? Milky skin enhanced by a line of black eyeliner and a vermilion red intense. To apply it well, do not hesitate to use a pencil the same color as red to clearly define the contours from your lips.


3 / Eva Green's poppy mouth

Choose the summer poppy mouth. Flashy, this color brightens up the lightest complexions! Eva Green, for example, wears it wonderfully. On the eyes, the actress puts on a light smoky perfect for bringing out your green eyes. We try ?


4 / Cate Blanchett's total nude look

Milky skin, natural effect make-up : here is an ideal combination for a radiant mine. A total nude look doesn't have to be dull or bland. On the contrary, it can make the complexion luminous. Cate Blanchett adopted it and the result is sublime ! On his eyelids, a metallic silver eyeshadow, a little liner and mascara. On his mouth, a nude lipstick. To enhance her complexion, the actress also used a blush rosé on his cheekbones: good-looking effect guaranteed.


5 / Kristen Stewart's brown smoky

Put everything on the look. It’s a possibility that the face of Chanel decided to adopt. All her make-up is centered around her blue / green eyes by a intense smoky brown. This color allows not to get too hard a look and rather play on the subtlety. How to do ? Use a metallic eye shadow to bring light and a black mascara for a magnified look. Your porcelain complexion will be highlighted!


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