5 mistakes we all make when putting on make-up

1 / Go beyond the lip contour

It is often believed that it is good to slightly exceed the outline of your lips with your pencil to create a plumping effect. Serious mistake! It tends to age the features and accentuate the fine lines of expression. To shape your mouth more subtly, play with color contrasts and textures. Drop a shade one or two shades lighter than your lipstick at the heart of the lips then tap a touch of gloss over it. Luscious mouth guaranteed!

2 / Apply too much lipstick

When you put too thick a layer of lipstick, it tends to migrate in wrinkles, to settle on the teeth or to create small packages... This is why it is advisable to bite into a tissue immediately after application to remove excess material. You can also take a little color with your ring finger and tap the material on your lips for a very sexy bitten lips effect.

3 / Choose the wrong shade of lipstick

A top light lipstick, too dark, too orange or too bluish can make your teeth look bad or yellow. The golden rule for choosing it? Use the color of your skin tone. If you have a golden or matt complexion, fall for a pretty orange-red, peach or coral. If you have pinkish skin instead, head for a pink, fuchsia, raspberry or dark red lipstick.

4 / Zap the lip pencil step

It ensures a impeccable outfit with lipstick and helps correct asymmetrical lips. There are also transparent lip contour pencils that smooth the surface of the lips, prolong the color hold and enhance the contours of the mouth.

5 / Apply your lipstick on chapped lips

Impossible to apply a pretty lipstick, especially a red shade or a dark tone, on lips in poor condition ... The material will highlight small irregularities, dead skin and roughness ! The right reflex: perform a scrub before each application with a mixture of honey and sugar.

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