5 mistakes we all make when washing our hair

1 / Pour the shampoo directly on the skull

Why it's not good: Because we tend to put too much product because we do not see how much we apply, and in addition it will more difficult to distribute then. And since new shampoo formulas often contain less surfactants, they tend to lather less (we are therefore tempted to pour more ...)
The right gesture : Pour a nut of shampoo in the palm of the hand, add a little bit of water, emulsify between the palms then apply to the hair from roots to ends. So the product will be equally distributed without risk of unnecessary overdose.

2 / Emulsify only at roots

Why it's not good : Because even if it is often on the roots that the hair looks the dirtiest, it is actually all hair fiber who needs to get rid of traces of dust, from pollutant, from sebum and leftover styling products.
The right gesture : Massage first the scalp with your fingertips for a few tens of seconds, then knead gently the rest of the hair from lengths to ends.

3 / Do not rinse enough

Why it's not good : Because there will be traces of washing product in your hair. This means that it will not be completely rid of unwanted elements. In short, your hair will only not clean, and will be dirty again much faster.
The right gesture : It's simple, the rinsing time must be longer than the washing time. Once the shampoo is done in the rules of the art, add a little warm water, lather, then rinse thoroughly and at length. Remember thatyou never rinse your shampoo too much...

4 / Rub the scalp too vigorously

Why it's not good : Because it is counterproductive. It’s the best way toexcite the sebaceous glands which then produce more sebum, as a result of which your hair will regrow faster
The right gesture : Massaging the scalp with your fingertips. To do this, round your hands, as if you were holding a tennis ball in the palm, and use the pulp of your fingers to make a circular massage by gently peeling off the roots. You must feel the scalp move slightly. This stimulates the scalp's blood circulation, and improves hair health.

5 / Make a single shampoo

Why it's not good: because in one step, even if you emulsify the formula correctly, you can hardly succeed in eliminating all impurities (especially when you live in a polluted environment).
The right gesture: realize two shampoos following. The first eliminate the essential dust, pollutants, and other particles, and the second perfect the washing and allow the hair to take full advantage of active ingredients of your shampoo formulas.

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Common Hair-Washing Mistakes We All Make -Learn Professional Way To Wash Your Hair (May 2020)

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