5 mistakes we all make with our varnish

1 / Take off your nails quickly

The best way to remove your polish is not what you think. Forget the cotton balls, prefer the one to remove. Soak it with solvent, then Split it before putting it on the nail. Let sit for 5 seconds in a papillote way to soften the material, then slide the cotton towards the end of the finger. The varnish goes away without rubbing, very gently. The advantage: a cotton economy and zero burr on the skin.

2 / Go to the varnish without transition

Even in a hurry, always think about "Degrease" your nail before re-applying varnish. The solvent, whether denatured or with acetone, always leaves a tiny bold finish to compensate for its drying effect. A useful precaution, but which prevents the formula of the varnish fromadhere properly on the surface of the nail. Before you get started with your manicure, wash your fingers with Marseille soap and dry them well. You will optimize its outfit.

3 / File in any direction

When filing your nails, always repeat the same gesture in the Same direction. Do not give in to the temptation of an easy back and forth movement. It’s the best way to split your nails. Choose a file small grains, less abrasive than that with large grains reserved for the toes. And remember that it is only used for finishing. To shorten a nail and sculpt it, use small curved scissors.

4 / Zap the laying of the base

This is an essential step not only for protect your nails with colored pigments, but also to ensure nickel application. The base will smooth and homogenize irregular surfaces. The installation of the varnish will then be easier and its holding longer. No need to put tons, thin layer suffice.

5 / Balm the application of the top coat

This is the essential final step to give a lacquered finish your varnish and prevent it from flaking off quickly. Unlike the base, it is placed in a protective layer thick, superimposed on your two perfectly dry layers of color.

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