5 pretty skin tips to do in less than 1 minute

Use a moisturizing mist, sleep with an ultra-repairing mask or even wake up your eye area with a cool spoon ... no need to spend 15 minutes in your bathroom to display beautiful skin! The proof with these 5 tips could not be more simple and quick to perform.

1 / Use a micropeeling

After removing make-up, apply a grain-free micropeeling to your face, neck and décolleté. Leave the product on for 30 seconds then rinse. What smooth your skin texture and brighten your complexion over the days.

The right product: Pschitt Magique New Skin, Garancia, € 19.90.

2 / Spray a moisturizing mist

Choose a formula enriched with hyaluronic acid to boost the hydration of your skin. Pschitte it in the evening on your cleansed and cleansed face but also during the day to refresh your make-up.

The right product: Hydro-Tonic Mist, Novexpert, € 22.90.

3 / Fall asleep with a sleeping mask

More concentrated in moisturizing, repairing and anti-aging active ingredients than a classic cream, this treatment acts effectively on your skin overnight. Something to wake you up with a pretty complexion in the morning…

The right product: Firming Face Night Mask, Caolion, € 29.90 at Sephora.

4 / Use self-tanning drops

Mix 1 to 3 drops of self-tanner with your day care to obtain an ultra-natural healthy glow effect. Repeat the operation the following days if you want a more sustained result.

The right product: 365 Sun Kissed Drops, Lancaster, € 29.

5 / Relax your eye area

Place a teaspoon in the refrigerator and then place it for a few seconds on your dark circles. Simpler, but just as effective: remember to put your eye care product in the refrigerator to boost its decongestant action.

The right product: Targeted Comfort Treatment, Yves Rocher, € 15.90.

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