5 reasons why we have brittle hair

Playing constantly with your hair

And yes, constantly wiggling the wick with your fingertips is not not a good idea. Even if it can be fun to observe the small wavy effect that results from it or that the gesture has become anti-stress, we forget this bad habit if we do not want to weaken our strands and end up with frizz by the thousands.

Sleep with a ponytail

This is nothing new, hairdressers and hair specialists have long sounded the alarm against this bad habit. The ponytail is a practical hairstyle certainly, but it tends to break the hair very quickly. If you wear it constantly and in addition to sleep, the friction effect against the pillow will accentuate the brittle action of the elastic on our locks. So to sleep we prefer its loose lengths or carefully wrapped in a scarf (preferably silk) for the night. Another tip for daytime ponytails: we prefer silk scrunchies rather than elastic ends with metal tips.

Misuse of the straightener or curling iron

Mistake number 1 and popular reason for brittle hair: overheating. Nowadays there are ways to bend your hair to each of our wishes. We want it smooth, curly, curly, wavy… And to do this, a full range of heating devices are at our disposal. But you still have to know how to use them. To avoid overheating, we are vigilant in choosing a modern iron which will take care of the hair fiber (ceramic plates, or releasing Ions), we never skip the thermo protective step (spray or cream) and above all let your hair breathe at least two days a week.

Always wear a shoulder bag

So yes, the question arises. How can carrying a bag be one of the main causes of our brittle hair? It's simple, if the hair is long and loose, it will tend to get stuck under the strap. The friction of matter on the hair (even a few minutes a day) will be enough to break the very fragile hair fiber and it is quickly finished with the beautiful shiny hair! We therefore pay attention, when we wear a shoulder strap, to note its lengths well.

Do not cut your hair regularly

To boost hair growth, it is essential to frequently refresh your tips. Hair that is not cut from the year will inevitably tend to be damaged. Forks and frizz at the rendezvous, our mane loses its superb. For avoid disaster there is no need to radically change your head, just cut your tips every three months or so restart the regrowth process.

You are ready to sport the most beautiful hair of the summer!

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