5 tips and tricks to hide your complexes on the beach

1) A swimsuit adapted to your body type

First step: the swimsuit. To feel comfortable, it must be adapted to your body type. Whether you are complexed by a small chest, wide hips or a small belly, a properly chosen swimsuit can only go for you. You are round, choose a a sculpting piece or a tankini. You have a large breast, favor a swimsuit with square neckline. This one highlights your bust without vulgarity. You can also fall for a pretty dark slimming and elegant color. What if, on the other hand, you have a small breast? It's a Push-up lightly padded you need. You see, there is a solution for everything.

2) A beach dress or sarong

Don't you feel comfortable in a swimsuit? The solution is called pareo or Beach dress. These two pieces are your summer's best allies. Indeed, a beach dress will be perfect for hiding a skin that you consider too white but also small curves, whether they are placed on the arms, belly or hips. Skin, stretch mark or cellulite ? It's the sarong to play. You can wear it in different ways, by simply tying it at the waist, around your chest or so halter. Finally, don't forget to mix these two clothes with a hat straw and a pair of sunglasses for you to play starlet on the beach.

3) A playsuit to wear over your swimsuit

Easy to put on and easy to wear ... playsuit everything to please. Even more when you know that this one has no equal to hide everything you want to hide. A desire to stroll on the beach or walk by the water without strutting in your swimsuit? Wear your playsuit over your bathing suit and voila!

4) An oversized shirt to tie

You don't like your shoulders? Do you find your arms too thin or, on the contrary, a little too soft? This is when the shirt. Ultra trendy this year, you can wear it to the beach over your swimsuit. Of course, not all models are suitable. Fall for a fluid and relaxed version that you can wear oversize and tie at your waist. In another atmosphere, do not hesitate to shop a caftan-style shirt, for an ethnic touch that matches perfectly with a swimsuit!

5) Wedge sandals or sneakers to lengthen the silhouette

When you are complexed by its size or its weight, you only look for one thing: to enlarge your silhouette in order to appear refined. To gain a few centimeters, nothing better than heeled shoes. But beware. Not just any. You can imagine that going to the beach in pumps and high heels is not at all practical. Also, prefer a finely wedge heel. That's good, it's very trendy this year. On the program: flip-flops with heels, sneakers wedges as comfortable as practical, or platform taps. The most fashionable on the beach is you!

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