5 tips for a tanned complexion without UV cabins

The ultraviolet rays sun can be harmful for our health. The same goes for the artificial rays of the tanning booths. If this “Proven risk of cancer” has been well known for years, ANSES has made a firm request regarding these tanning tools: it wishes to close them definitive.

So how do you look good without the sun? We give you some leads.

1 / Bet on the carrot

A good Alimentation is essential for good health. But certain food are good for your complexion. Which one should you favor? The carrot : if it does not necessarily make it more lovable, it gives looking good ! To benefit from all its qualities, you can consume it raw in salads or cooked in soups, or integrate it into your beauty treatments. It is the ally of mature skin: it slows skin aging thanks to its high content antioxidants, such as beta carotene. It is ideal for a radiant complexion and can be used in the morning as a natural self-tanner and safe. We love !

2 / Cheat with self-tanner and powders

A little bronzer, a little self-tanner ... Don't hesitate to create a fake tan with your cosmetic products. Your ally for a radiant face? Sun powder, which gives warmth to your complexion. Be careful, it has no place on the whole face, at the risk of turning orange. The good trick ? Do the number “3” on one side of your face. Another solution: the self-tanner that can be used on the body or face. Foams, creams, gels, to apply by hand, with a glove ... They exist in all forms according to your needs. Ideal for having a tanned skin this winter !

3 / Use tinted creams and blush

You want a very good result natural ? You can also bet on tinted skincare such as BB creams, they will sublimate your face ! For a radiant look, don't forget the blush. This beauty product is very useful for enhance your complexion. Is your skin clear? Adopt a shade dew. If on the contrary it is ivory, head for more blushes orange. On the texture side, you have the choice: there are some in the form of powder, stick or cream, ultra simple to apply for a subtle result. Get started!

4 / Take food supplements

In addition to a healthy and balanced diet, some food supplements can promote a healthy glow even during winter. Opt for those based on beta carotene like the spirulina, Vitamins A, C and D or head to self tanning capsules. Ask a pharmacist for advice and prefer natural formulas for a perfect and risk-free result.

5 / Sweep

To look good without the sun, you can play with the hair color. The darker they are and the cool ash reflections, the less they will tend to make you look good. The solution ? Carry out a sweep with golden, copper or caramel reflections for illuminate your face. Warm tones are your allies!

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