5 tips for applying makeup when it's hot

1 / bet on waterproof formulas

Mascara, foundation, eye shadow ... all these products now have their versions in waterproof version. This water-resistant formula ensures a perfect make-up outfit, even in the event of heat stroke.

2 / Lighten the makeup of the complexion

In summer, forget about foundations and ultra-covering concealers who will tend to spin fine lines and get soxidize. Prefer fluid, lighter, type formulas tinted cream, bb or cc cream. Something to brighten your face without overloading your skin in matters.

3 / Adopt a fixing spray

These very fine mists coalesce before and after applying makeup to ensure a flawless outfit. Sprayed during the day, they refresh the complexion and provide a very pleasant feeling of freshness. Real essentials!

4 / Favor powdery textures

If your skin tends to shine when it is hot, use preferably powdery textures to give it maximum dullness. Also remember to put in your handbag a compact powder and a small brush for your touch-ups during the day.

5 / Use protective make-up

Foundations and foundations containing a SPF 20, 30 or 50 are real allies in summer. Ultra-effective in unifying and enhancing the skin, they provide UV protection and prevent the appearance of pigment spots.

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