5 tips for pretty waves without a hair dryer

Soft ripples

Spray some moisturizing foam in the palm of your hand, and spread it all over your hair still wet. Gather your lengths into a loose spike braid, as you go lift and twist in a fuzzy bun at the back of your head. Keep this hairstyle until your hair is completely dry, then release them by shaking them upside down.
The board : do not crease your hair, you risk damaging the waves obtained
Most : a nice volume at the root

Stylish ripples

Apply some moisturizing foam only on your lengths so as not to create a volume at the root. Plate in bandeau the strands that surround each side of your face. Then gather your lengths, wet and impregnated with foam, two braids distinct. Let them air dry, then untie your hair.
The board : run your fingers through the ripples to give them an appearance falsely overlooked.

Ripples for fine hair

Spray some volumizing spray on your roots. The formulas of this type of styling having need heat to act, give a quick blow dryer, but targeting only this area.
Then throw your hair still wet back, and separate it into several strands. Twist them tight on themselves, high up and away from your face, before fixing them with snow pins or crab clips. Leave in place for about twenty minutes before releasing your lengths.
The trick: the position in height and pulled back goes take off the hair at the root, and give volume to your hair.
The board : alternate the direction of the twists for a more natural result. The more you multiply the twists, the more you create swelling.

Zigzag ripples

Leave your hair dry in the open air, then apply nourishing foam. Roughly separate it into 4 and place slide snow pins from top to bottom so as to form zigzags (pliers slid from right to left, position the next 5 cm to 10 cm lower, from left to right, and repeat the steps by tilting the pin slightly each time down).
Let ask 45 minutes. By drying the movement given by the pins will soak into your hair. Release and shake your hair. That's it.
The trick: applied exceptionally on dry hair, the nourishing foam replaces the usual here styling gel, to avoid the cardboard effect.

Notched ripples

Spray with spraydirty water all over your hair. Slide your hair behind your ears, then a snow pin, or crocodile clip just above to accentuate the curve some movement. Let it air dry and then remove the pins. The notched folds will lighten the locks that frame your face, and thus enhance your features, like your eyes, while slight undulations will have taken shape over the lengths.

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