5 tips to improve your beauty routine

1 / Put your facial treatments in the fridge

Generally, after shopping, you place your last cosmetic purchases next to your bathroom mirror, or on your dressing table. But know that the fridge option is even better ! Indeed, there is evidence that fresh products have a decongestant effect. So you can put your moisturizer and your eye cream in the fridge, they will be more effective! The swollen eyelids are softened, and the fine lines more easily blured. The cold also has a soothing effect. Thus, the redness disappears and the skin regains its suppleness.

2 / Make a scrub with oil, honey and sugar

Sometimes you just need to open your cupboards to make a custom scrub, and find a soft skin in a few minutes. Known for its healing properties, honey is also excellent for fight against dry skin. Vegetable oil is also ideal for hydrating the epidermis and fight against imperfections. By mixing these two natural products and adding sugar, you get a super-efficient and 100% natural scrub! To make this scrub, you need to mix in a bowl a spoon of honey, a spoon of oil and a spoon of sugar. You can apply it on your face or part of your body. Gently massage for a few minutes, then rinse. Baby skin!

3 / Fold the brush of your mascara for better application

There are dozens and dozens of mascaras on the market. Bulky, lengthening, false eyelash effect, waterproof ... There is something to lose your head. Without counting the different brushes : round, curved, studded or bristled. To choose your mascara, it is better to test it before buying it. But the secret to know for have real doe eyes, it's from bend the brush at 60 °. With this tip, you will stain your eyelids much less!

4 / Sleeping with a night cap protects the hair

Did you think the nightcaps were out of date? Not at all, they even come back into fashion since we assigned them protective virtues. They allow to protect the hair fiber friction. For those with particularly dry hair, they avoid drying and breaking the tips. But be careful, always choose a hat silk or satin. These soft materials reduce friction.

5 / Dry your hair with a cotton t-shirt

For those who want have pretty curls, there exists a amazing tip : dry its lengths with a cotton t-shirt. Start by washing your hair, then apply a conditioner. Brush your lengths with a comb, then wring without turning them. Upside down, then wrap your lengths with the famous cotton t-shirt preferably with long sleeves so that it fits more easily. Leave it for one or two hours while the water is absorbed. All you have to do is remove it to reveal beautiful curls well drawn!

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