5 tips to keep your lipstick on all day

1 / Exfoliate your lips

Remove all the small dead skin on the surface of your lips usinga scrub then apply a little hydrating balm. A ritual that allows the pigments of the lipstick to adhere better to the skin and therefore to hold much longer.

2 / Use a base

These primers specially designed for the lips smooth the surface of the skin and prevent matter from spinning through fine lines during the day. Ideal for those who want to keep a perfectly made-up mouth for hours.

3 / Apply a pencil

Draw the contours and the center of your lips with a pencil the same tone as your lipstick. Something to display a colorful mouth even when your lipstick fades during the day.

4 / Drop a powder

This technique consists of placing a handkerchief on your makeup lips and then applying a veil of matifying loose powder on the latter. This not only allows fix the red perfectly on the lips but also to give it a very trendy mat appearance.

5 / Favor the masts

Mat formulas will always offer better hold than velvety, satin or glossy textures. Special mention for matte liquid lipsticks which, once dry, freeze perfectly on the lips to hold for hours.

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We show you how to redraw your lips in this video:


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