5 tips to keep your polish longer

1 / Put it in the fridge

Heat, humidity and light accelerate the decomposition process of the varnish. It then divides into two phases, becomes pasty and duller. To preserve the quality of its material, it is advisable to place it in a dry and dark place and even, ideally, in the fridge.

2 / Store it vertically

A varnish lying in a drawer or in a box will tend to sink into the cap and to create small agglomerates of material at the level of the neck. It will then be more difficult to open and drier. That’s why it’s important to store it vertically.

3 / Use a thinner

If your nail polish thickens with use, you can make it more fluid by using a specific thinner. A few drops are enough to thin out its texture. Another option: add one to two drops of solvent or 90 ° C alcohol in the varnish, shake it vigorously before applying the color.

4 / Close it tightly

A poorly closed cap allows more air to enter the inside of the bottle, which considerably alters the texture of the nail polish. It is therefore essential to close your varnish well after each use.

5 / Clean up your neck

A few weeks after opening, it is common for a small agglomeration of material to form around the neck of your nail polish. To prevent this dry and thick material from entering the inside of the bottle and altering its composition, it is advisable to clean the neck regularly using a handkerchief or a small cotton pad.

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