5 tips to know to simplify your make-up routine

1 / Optimizing the efficiency of your eyelash curler

Combine the advantages of a traditional mechanical eyelash curler and a heated version to expressly obtain a curvature of sexy eyelashes that will hold up to the make-up removal stage.
To do this, simply pass your accessory over the heat of the hair dryer before applying it to your eyelashes. Be careful however, choose the lowest temperature, and only pass the breath of air over the rubber part. Do not heat the metal, you could burn yourself.

2 / Get your eyeliner right the first time

Getting a nickel doe eye, which is more perfectly symmetrical to that of the other eye, is not just for experts. Use the tip of your eyeliner to mark where your line should end, i.e. towards the tip of the brow bone.
Start by darkening the bottom of your upper lashes, then draw the tail by connecting the outer corner of your eye to your landmark. If you feel more comfortable, you can leave it for the route.

3 / Easily apply the glue of the false eyelashes

To be sure not to overflow when you apply your glue on the narrow strip provided for this purpose, use a bobby pin. The rounded ends of these hairpins are the perfect size for putting just the right amount of glue in the right place.

4 / Do your own French manicure

So that the edge of your French does not bite on your colored varnish and that its outline is perfectly straight, surround your nail with a flat elastic band leaving only its end protruding. Apply your varnish without being afraid of accidentally spilling onto the elastic.
Remove your makeshift stencil before the material dries, otherwise beware of the risk of chipped varnish.

5 / Be creative with your eyeliner

Do you want to change your look by adopting a graphic line of eyeliner or cat eyes? Trace the frame of your pattern beforehand with a beige grease pencil. Invisible under a black or very pigmented eyeliner, it also fades easily with the finger to erase and modify the line if necessary. Once you are satisfied with the result, go over it with your colored eyeliner.

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