5 ways to apply mascara that will make a difference

1 / Recycle your brushes

Keep preciously the brushes of the mascaras that you no longer use, they will be useful for you spread your eyelashes and avoid packages.
Basic version: Choose the finest brush, wash it thoroughly with hot water and dry it. Rub it on the brush of your new mascara, just enough to tint the end of its hairs.
Then use it to stretch your lashes from the base to the tip, exerting slight pressure to curl them. Lightly charged, the brush will deploy and separate your eyelashes more easily, and the thin layer of mascara will dry almost illico fixing length and curve.
You just have to layer your ultra-black by applying it as usual.
Accessory version: For remove any packages and separate your eyelashes, also pass an old brush in your eyelashes after having sculpted your look with mascara.

2 / Mix your mascaras

To get a glamourous look to the Betty Boop, feel free to overlay layers of several different mascaras. Apply a first mascara scrunching to give your eyelashes the shape you want, continue with the one stretching to open your eyes, and finally finish with the volumizing who will boost its intensity.
The trick: always finish with the one with the thickest texture. Winning, it will play the role of fixer.

3 / Homogenize the base of your eyelashes

Before you start applying your mascara to the tips, hold the brush at the root by exerting a small pressure 2-3 seconds. By performing this simple gesture you will deposit black pigments between the eyelashes, fill the sparse areas and thus give the base a unified appearance. Result, your eyelashes will appear naturally denser.

4 / think of the lower lashes

Do you dare not put makeup on for fear of spreading it on your skin? To avoid this misstep, hold your vertical brush, and only use its rounded tip.
No need to blacken the entire bangs, just tint it central part just brushing the tips of the lashes in spurts.
The board : in order to avoid panda dark circles, take the time to camouflage their rust or bluish area with concealer. Ultra-black eyelashes on unmasked skin would only emphasize their dark appearance ... and your tired look.

5 / Apply your mascara in a zigzag

To avoid eyelashes cardboardy, or those that point straight ahead, brush them from right to left going up towards the end. Finish by darkening a little more those at the outer corner of the eye, and sweeping them out like a doe eye. A pro tip to give relief to your eyelashes, open and give more personality in your eyes.

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