6 misconceptions about waxing the bikini line with hot wax

1 / You can't get hair removal when you have your period

False. Using a stamp, there is no reason to cancel your appointment. Remember to warn your esthetician to avoid any odds. Be aware that you are more sensitive during menstruation, so depending on your degree of resistance to pain, it may be better to choose another time.

2 / You can apply an anesthetic cream to avoid feeling the pain

True. If you are one of the cozy people then yes, know that you can use an anesthetic cream. However, even if some creams are available without a prescription, it is better to seek the advice of a doctor, especially for private parts.

3 / In an institute, it is forbidden to come accompanied

False. If you wish, you can obviously come with moral support. Most institutes accept this, provided you notify your esthetician in advance. The only limit is that set by your modesty. During the first depilations this presence can be a real plus to play down the situation.

4 / It is not recommended to have your hair removed the day after a party that is a little too wet

True. Hangovers and hair removal do not go well together. As the alcohol thins the blood, the network of blood vessels present at the root of the hair is more irrigated and therefore, the pain is more noticeable when the hair is pulled out.

5 / You cannot have your hair removed if you are pregnant

False. You can have your hair removed even the day before you give birth without risk. Hair removal will not cause contraction (first fear of expectant mothers). The use of organic products is to be encouraged. On the other hand, after birth, it is advisable to wait at least a month before removing hair again, the time for healing especially in case of cesarean section.

6 / It is not recommended to do sport just after a session

True. Playing sports right after a hair removal session is a bad idea. Firstly, clothing that is too close to the body can cause friction on the depilated areas resulting in redness and possibly even ingrown hairs. Second, heat and perspiration are the mothers of bacterial infections. Wait a day to allow time for your skin to rest before going to your dance class. Also try to wear loose clothing to avoid chafing.

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