7 amazing recipes with ... only one pan!

Small kitchen and lack of time? No worries, one pan is enough to cook the best of the moment! Back at 8 p.m. in a handkerchief town kitchen, the pan is obvious.

We have been frying the dumplings in slices for a long time, on average once a fortnight, to enjoy them hot and cold (and complete evening meal) with a green salad. Since the house of Giraudet introduced us to it in 2002, with the opening on the Left Bank of its first soup bar and dumplings.

To you then our butternut and black sesame recipe, easy, fast, and really delicious.

Then, it is enough to prefer a frying pan type, with edges (a little) high, and to think cooking time and power of the flame.

Because we didn't invent anything. When our grandmothers (born in the twenties) put their gratin dauphinois on the fire, it was a question of "taking" the milk before putting the dish in the oven. Today, the cookbooks dedicated to students go further: the gratin cooked entirely on the fire. On condition that the heat is lowered after about ten minutes over high heat, until the top is golden brown.

The only two preparations that we think are "prohibited" from a pan are pie and cakes. For everything else, but really everything else, the frying pan will do the trick.

Our recipes are here to give you some additional ideas. Or decline yours, like this toast in rolls, generously garnished with Nutella. Or pizza in pizzettes (size question therefore) fried in oil.

Our pan-fried recipe ideas

Recipes: Valérie Bestel. Photos: Bernhard Winkelmann. Production: Monique Mourgues. Styling: Soraya Winkelmann. Shopping: Beka, Charvet Editions, Fleux, Gien, Les toiles du Soleil, Linum, Maisons du Monde, Zwilling

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Our express frying pan recipes: no need for an oven!

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