7 tips for cleaning the barbecue grill

A successful summer evening is an evening barbecue. you toast meat or some vegetables, all the barbecue gets dirty, including the grill, it's a real pain to clean. Follow our advice to find a brand new grid!

First thing to know, dirt can be removed more easily if the grill is hot. Take precautions and be careful not to burn yourself.

1 - Think about baking soda

When you are told that you can use baking soda for everything in the house, well it's true! Fill a basin with hot water, pour white vinegar and baking soda over an old sponge, and scrub. The burned fat goes away right away.

2- Clean the grid with newspaper

Newsprint has a thousand and one virtues, notably that of being able to clean and degrease the grid. You can use it in addition to a brush cleaning.

3 - Clean the grill with an onion

We don't always think about it, but onions have a lot more resources than we imagine! Cut a large onion in half and rub the grid with it, you will be surprised by the result.

4 - Clean the grid with aluminum foil

Roll a sheet of aluminum foil into a ball and rub the grid vigorously with it, this will peel off all the encrusted fat. This tip works great for the oven rack.

5- Clean the grid with a wire brush

If your grill is very dirty, use a wire brush to remove the larger one. Then wash with the green side of the sponge.

6- Soak

This is a bit long, but effective method: soak the grill in very hot water, with black soap, leave it on for as long as possible, then rub with a scouring sponge.

7- Degrease the grid with Coke

Fill a large trash bag with 50 cl of Coke, slide the grid into it and close the bag as tightly as possible. Lay flat and leave to act for at least two hours. Take the grid out of the bag and rub with a sponge.

Last advice: to avoid dirt being impossible to remove, clean the grill after each use.

How to Clean Your BBQ! Easy BBQ Cleaning Ideas (Clean My Space) (July 2020)

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