A chic and rustic country house

Near Toulouse, facing the Pyrenees, a couple of teachers fell in love with an old farm. Discover the interior of their country house!

With mountain view

Louis Lemaire

Lunch or have a coffee when the sun is shining on one of the terraces, admire the unique view of the countryside, the hills and finally the crest line of the Pyrenees, Julia and Bert never tire of it. "It's just magic," they marvel. As soon as the weather is fine, they live as much outside as inside, all windows open, to fully enjoy the nature that surrounds them.

Floral staging

The outdoor dining area has been decorated as carefully as it was an interior room. To facilitate the service, a blue dresser bottom, slightly weathered by time, took place under the awning. Plates and glasses are hidden there. Beautifully staged, a sumptuous bouquet with natural charm comes to life in front of an old mirror, which has been hunted down by the owners.

Zen space

Nothing better than a chaise longue to read a book comfortably installed. This one, covered with an old white linen sheet, was given to Julia by her daughters. That is to say that it is a precious piece. Near the large fireplace, it offers a unique resting space, and creates a serene and Zen atmosphere under one of the wooden creations composed by Bert.

Pearly sweetness

The bathroom was created from scratch by the owners. The two mottled basins were placed on a long tray covered with stone tiles. To maximize the amount of light entering the ground floor of the house, glass tiles were placed on the floor to create a kind of skylight in one of the corridors.

Author: Fanny Dalbera

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