A copper look to enhance your summer tan

To give it a sensual intensity, bet on the use of warm and luminous shades that will not contrast with that of your golden skin.
1 / With a stroke of pink coral liner, highlight your upper lashes, and hem the inner part of your lower eyelid.
2 / Put a little copper brown eyeshadow under the eye area, and on your fixed eyelid, then lightly smoke it with a brush. This will give your eyes a mesmerizing look and will naturally boost the color of your iris.
3 / Add a touch of golden beige blush in the inner corner of the eye, but also under the accent of your brow bone. This little touch of light will lighten the eyelid, and enlarge your eyes.
4 / Finally, take the time to work on your eyelashes, both upper and lower, with black mascara. Do not load them too much, the important thing is to deploy them well so that their shadow is projected on your tanned skin. A sexy effect to perfection.

Our favorite to achieve this look: Palette 4 Ombres Empreinte du Désert, Chanel, 51 €.

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Tips to Adjust Makeup for Tan Skin | Sephora (May 2020)

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