A plant advent wreath

Classic, the rattan crown is in tune, enriched with unusual and timeless flowers. Hang it on the door as a welcome or place it in the center of the table, in the heart ofa vegetable table decoration.


A rattan wreath (Truffaut)

A snowflake perforator (Toga)

Fixed dough

A golden organza ribbon


Rattan balls

Artificial succulents

Long pins or wooden spikes

How to do ?

Mount artificial succulents and rattan balls on long pins or wooden spikes. Sew on a rattan crown. Complete the decoration of your crown with paper flakes, cut with a "snowflake" perforator and maintained with fixed paste, or a dot of glue. Finish your crown by tying a large knot of golden ribbon on top.

Creation: Julie Oginski
Texts: Manuela Oliveira

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