A second skin effect sherbet blush

We love this featherweight blush. No excess of material or mask effect, its gel texture turns into water to the touch. It slides on the skin, allowing itself to work easily, stretch, to structure the cheekbone, or just give it a good-looking effect.

Smart, its pump bottle delivers the right dose of melon, rose, coral, or papaya. We do not hesitate to mix these colors in duo or trio to obtain a custom blush.

The most produced: a fresh effect that immediately relaxes the features and naturally raises the pink on the cheeks. Without forgetting, a discreet but delicious fragrance.

In short, this nomad blush for any good. So we slip it without further delay into its make-up case.

Aqua Blush 12H, Bourjois, 13,45 €

Boost your beauty capital by applying the secrets of the pros.

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Learn how to put your blush in a sexy way. Our video advice.

HD BLUSH Second Skin Cream Blush - Green Screen 4K (May 2020)

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