A smart beauty gesture to boost your skin

Small but sturdy, these clever serums slip drop by drop into our day cream, to which we mix them, to quickly revitalize our beauty capital. A real time saver for maximum benefits!

3 to 5 drops of treatment can illuminate blurred complexions, soothe the tightness of thirsty skin, or even energize tired features. We just have to choose the right color of treatment to answer our problem: for a skin lacking in tone we opt for the Orange of Energy and its stimulating ginseng formula; our asphyxiated complexion will certainly appreciate the green tea of ​​the Detox; when at the royal blue of Repair he claims the restorative virtues of mimosa.

The Booster can be used as a cure or occasionally, and can be practiced both solo and duo, or even in trio, provided that you are always associated with a moisturizing treatment.

Blue, green and orange… your skin will love them!

Booster, Clarins, 39 €.

As a final touch, follow our video tips to install your illuminator.


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