A structured hint in 1 minute flat (video)

On the occasion of this special beauty week Razor Girl Press, we are launching a new video series "Beauty challenges". The goal : ask hairstyling and make-up experts to create a hairstyle or make-up in minutes or with a limited number of accessories.

First to go make-up side : Carole Colombani, make-up artist Gemey Maybelline.

His challenge: in a minute and with just an eyebrow pencil, redraw a perfect line.

Why she likes pencil : super practical, its tip and brush combined make it a clever tool. By hatching, it allows to thicken, correct and work a nice line.

His little pro tips: too often forgotten, the lead of your pencil must be perfectly sharpened. Pencil but never draw a clean line that would be unsightly.

So you too are up to the challenge?

For those who want a perfect eye make-up, find our mascaras test bench.

And also discover our slideshow of 50 trendy hairstyles inspired by fashion shows.

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