A woman defenestrated by her spouse and paraplegic considered partly responsible

"It's a battle we shouldn't have to fight." Maître Mathias Jarry summarizes, in a few words, what many think about reading this drama. The affair, revealed Thursday January 3 by Le Maine Libre, dates back to August 2013. Aïda *, a young woman then aged 26, was defenestrated by her companion. "On August 24, 2013 in the early evening, the police intervened in an apartment in Le Mans for a dispute between Aïda and her then companion", recount our colleagues. "[She] is the victim of recurrent domestic violence. For her safety, the security forces advise her to leave the accommodation. She accepts and thinks of returning to her family in Alençon. Given the late hour, Aïda doesn't have time to get on a train. The taxi, too expensive. The young woman calls 115 in the hope of being accommodated for the night, in vain. Text messages to some friends, too late, do not receive no positive answer. There remain two solutions: sleep on the street or go home overnight. In desperation, Aïda opts for the second solution, thinking that her companion would have calmed down. It was not. "

The neighbors will then be alerted by shouts. In the middle of the night, the latter called the police, who discovered Aida seriously injured, at the bottom of the building. Her husband had simply defenestrated her. The young woman survives the fall of two floors but becomes paraplegic. For his part, the man was remanded in custody and charged with "violence resulting in mutilation or permanent infirmity." Three years later, in June 2016, he was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years' imprisonment. "The legal proceedings initiated, Me Julie Dodin and Me Mathias Jarry, lawyers at the Angers bar, asked, as the law allows, a provision of € 90,000 from the Victims Guarantee Fund", continues Le Maine Libre. "This sum was to finance the consequences of Aïda's paraplegia, while the investigating judge and investigators complete their investigations. These included buying a car adapted for the disabled, starting work in the victim's accommodation, paying for the ambulances necessary for transport, various treatments, rehabilitation, etc. " The problem ? The Victims' Guarantee Fund objects to this request, considering that "the victim would, by returning home, have contributed to his own harm." He therefore offers the payment of a sum of only € 67,500.

The affair, once revealed, obviously provokes a controversy. "She was in his grip. If the Fund does not understand anything about the psychology of a woman victim of the blows of her companion, then he will never understand anything about domestic violence and can always judge in this way", says Maître Jarry in the columns of Figaro. The lawyers of course decided to appeal. Their hearing is scheduled for May 2019. Thursday, January 3, the Secretary of State for Equality between women and men, Marlène Schiappa, said she was ready to intervene personally. "This decision goes against the work of conviction that we are carrying out", she wrote on her Twitter account. "No, a woman is never responsible for the violence suffered, even administratively. Furthermore, today I am sending an official prevention letter to all the insurance companies and institutions concerned / compensation to remind people that a woman is never responsible for the violence of which she is the victim. "

This decision goes against the work of conviction that we are carrying out.
No, a woman is never responsible for the violence suffered, even administratively!
We cross-check the facts.
I am ready to intervene personally in this matter.
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